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Hair Restoration

Don't feel like you're the only one! Female hair loss is quite common. About 50% of women will experience concerns over thinning or loss of hair in their lifetime.

CAUSES: Although genetics plays a large role in whether our DNA is “wired” for premature hair loss, there are also a variety of reasons like hormonal changes, stress, medications and nutritional deficiencies that can play a role. The important thing is that if this condition is affecting you and it's creating concern, then becoming informed and knowing your treatment options is key.

WHAT TO EXPECT: At your free consultation, Dr. Green will sit with you and get to know what factors might be contributing to your hair loss. She will ask any pertinent questions regarding your personal health, stressors,diet and lifestyle. Following the interview and a physical exam, she will come up with a treatment plan that would work best with a home care regimen that would be feasible for you to follow and incorporate into your everyday life



Whether you have tried different treatment regimens in the past, or this is your first hair loss consultation, you will leave with new knowledge of your specific situation. You will be presented with options you can choose from that make sense. Dr Green always likes to say that ”On a good hair day, we radiate our inner confidence”. Lets face it, with good hair, we want to be seen!

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Dr Green is the only doctor who personally performs the entire treatment from consultation to procedure. She only takes one Hair Restoration patient per day to give her absolute individualized attention.

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